Training Course: 2 Day Training

DATE: OPEN – from 12 – 4 pm (both days)

The 2 Day one-on-one in person Training includes following:

• 1 day actual treatment with clients
• Chemical peel
• Enzyme- (Hydrating)
• Calming Toner
• Antioxidant Toner
• Glycolic Tonic Toner
• Moisturizer
• Benzoyl peroxide with sulfur
• SPF (Sunscreen)

You will develop a firm understanding of:

  • Establishing a skincare routine, and which products – natural and commercial – can help
  • How waht you eat might be contributing toward your acne and the steps you can take to imporove your diet and your skin
  • How habits such as sleep patterns, exercise, makeup, hairstyles and drinking patters can affect your acne and how to turn things around
  • The different underlying causes of acne and tips to detect which type yours might be
  • Medications, their effectiveness and side-effects, so you can make an educates decision

IMPORTANT: You will receive the password after sign-up and successful payment to gain access to complementary learning material. Accessible over the COURSES page under ABOUT.