DO pre-shave! Soften those bristles. Use lukewarm water or a pre-shave soap to prep your beard for a smoother shave.

DO shave that stubble slowly! Shaving with slow short strokes that overlap an 1.5” eliminates the need to shave over an area more than once.

DON’T shave upward, against the grain, or over the same area multiple times to try and get a closer shave.

DO let the razor do the work. Heavier single blade razors take the pressure off your hands and let’s the weight do the talking. Less skin scrapping and more of an efficient shave.

DON’T use multiple blade razors. “Close shaving” razors that cut the hair beneath the surface of your skin can cause ingrown hairs!

DO use a single edge, disposable razor with our recommended Acne Wash, Mandelic Wash, or Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel. Or use a sanitized non rotary electric shaver, T-edger or clippers.

DON’T use a rotary shaver. Cutting hairs in all directions can cause ingrown hairs.

DO use a post-shave moisturizer to promote hydration and reduce irritation. Our Hydrating Emulsion and Cranberry Creams are perfect for post-shave!

DO use non-comedogenic products for shaving!

DO blot your face dry with a soft towel. If a scrub was recommended for your skin care routine, let the scrubbing granules do the work. No extra muscle needed!

DON’T try to rub or scrub your shaving blues away! It will just add to irritation and/or redness.

DO keep your blades sharp! Dull blades will only irritate and nick your skin. Change your razor blades regularly. Replace your clipper or t-edger blades every 3-4 months.

DON’T use disposable blades more than twice. Soak them in alcohol for 2-3 minutes before a shave.

DON’T forget to clean your razors, clippers, and/or T-edger blades and all accessories before and after shaving. Sanitizing cleaners are available at all beauty supply stores. Keep an eye out during your visits to the barbershop and make sure they’re holding up their end of the sanitary bargain.

DON’T share your shaving implements with anyone!

DON’T tweeze ingrown hairs! They will come back with a vengeance! They get trapped under the skin and will become ingrown again and again.

DO grow out that beard! Lucky for you, beards made a huge comeback! Can’t handle so much hairiness? Invest in a beard trimmer and tame those whiskers!