Let’s take a journey back to 2016 when, at the age of 53, I embarked on a remarkable path that would shape my life and touch countless others. My name is Justina, and my story is one of inspiration, dedication, and the power of transformation.

In 2016, I stepped into the world of aesthetics, igniting a spark of inspiration among fellow aestheticians and our cherished clients. The journey that followed has been nothing short of humbling and extraordinary. As the founder and CEO of Acne Clinic Las Vegas. I am honored to have spearheaded a corrective program that has not only transformed appearances but has deeply touched and altered lives.

My voyage began as an advanced Licensed Aesthetician, a title that I wore proudly. My passion for skincare, particularly in aiding those grappling with acne, was ignited during my brief stint at Ulta Beauty. It was there that I discovered my true calling – to make a profound difference in the lives of those struggling with skin challenges.

Bringing with me a wealth of business wisdom, including a degree in finance and a decade of experience as a restaurant owner-operator, I seamlessly blended my entrepreneurial spirit with my newfound passion. The result was the birth of Acne Clinic Las Vegas, a venture that continues to flourish. Within two years, Justina Skincare emerged as a symbol of hope and transformation.

Armed with the foundational knowledge from a beauty institute, I relentlessly pursued excellence. My commitment to my clients’ well-being led me to become a Certified Acne Specialist and a Certified Microneedling Practitioner. My thirst for growth and learning was quenched by engaging with esteemed organizations like Educated Therapist, where I actively participated and shared my insights.

But my journey didn’t stop at services; it expanded into creating solutions. I developed a line of dynamic skincare products under the name Justina Corrective Skincare. This line is a testament to my unyielding dedication to finding the best possible solutions for those fighting against acne.

Beyond the visible transformations, it’s the profound shifts in my clients’ self-perception and inner joy that truly resonate with me. Witnessing renewed self-confidence and inner happiness is the ultimate reward for my efforts.

Today, I am elated to have discovered a new chapter in my life through skincare. My message to the world is simple yet profound: age knows no bounds when it comes to uncovering your passion and rewriting your story. As I stand here, reflecting on the years gone by, I am filled with gratitude for the lives I’ve touched and the purpose I’ve found. My journey is a testament to the fact that with determination, unwavering passion, and the right dose of self-discovery, you can transform your life and the lives of others.

In the spirit of renewed beginnings,