Finance Degree
Entrepreneur-owned and Manage Filipino Restaurant – 10 years
Licensed Aesthetician-2016
Ulta – after graduation
Certified Acne Specialist
CEO – Acne Clinic by Justina
Founder – Justina’s Skincare
Member – Educated Therapist
Certified – Microneedling by Dr. Satterfield

Justina Sy graduated from Euphoria Institute as a Licensed Aesthetician in 2016 and has rapidly established herself as one of the foremost Acne Specialist in Las Vegas as the founder and CEO of Acne Clinic Las Vegas.

Immediately upon completing her licensing at Euphoria Institute, Justina worked briefly at Ulta Beauty where she discovered her true passion, skin care, specifically in caring for those struggling with acne.

Leveraging her business acumen, including her education with a degree in finance, and ten years as an owner operator of a Filipino restaurant, Justina took her Aesthetician education and pursued her entrepreneurial spirit in founding and operating Acne Clinic Las Vegas.

Building upon her skills and knowledge obtained at Euphoria Institute, Justina continued to expand the efficacy and effectiveness of the services offered by her company to best serve her clientele. She has grown and refined her initial skill-set by obtaining her Certification as an Acne Specialist, became Certified in Microneedling, and actively participates as a member in advanced learning and sharing opportunities, including the international organization Educated Therapist. In addition to an array of services, Justina has also developed her own line of dynamic skin care products with continued refinement efforts in order to offer the best solutions to those struggling with acne.

Justina shares that while she sees the appearances of her clients improve from treatments, the true results are their elevated inner happiness and renewed self-confidence that become evident with their outer transformations. These positive changes in the lives of her clients is what Justina attributes as her biggest reward.

Justina states that she is overjoyed to have discovered her new career in skin care, with a message that you are never too young or too old to discover your passion and change your life.