Body acne is frustrating and embarrassing for those who suffer from it. Who can remember having a huge zit during your school dance or not being able to flaunt your body at the beach because of this annoying condition taking-over your self-confidence?

Understanding what kind of acne you have is the first step in correctly treating it. Using the right products in the right way is the key to getting a clearer skin in any part of your body.

Body acne can be difficult to treat and generally doesn’t respond to traditional treatment methods. Treating body acne usually comes with rounds of oral antibiotics. 

Getting rid of body acne includes the right amount of exfoliation and topical antibacterial action to prevent the formation of micro acne lesions, the beginning of the vicious acne cycle.treatment for body acne means having a consistent morning and evening home care routine in addition to regular professional treatments for at least a 3 month period before seeing any significant results.

If your body acne or back acne is inflamed, red, painful and pustular, you need less aggressive exfoliation (at least initially) and more antibacterial work. We recommend a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide cleanser, a strong 15% mandelic serum and at least a 5 or 10% benzoyl peroxide gel.  We will have you use these products slowly until your skin gets used to them, at which point you will be using them daily, if not twice a day. An interesting side note on inflamed acne, we often see bad cases of inflammation on the body linked to frequent whey or soy protein shake use and/or steroids for bodybuilding. These products act like hormones in the body and if taken in excess can trigger acne flare-ups especially all over your body. 

If your body acne is non-inflamed with a bumpy texture made up of lots of blackheads and build-up, you need more exfoliation and less antibacterial action. We recommend an exfoliating alpha-hydroxy serum, usually a 15% mandelic or something similar. One of the reasons we opt for mandelic over other alpha-hydroxy acids is because of its lightening properties. It works great at lightening those exasperating brown “spots” left over from previous breakouts that never seem to go away no matter what you do. In addition to an exfoliating serum, we advise cleansing twice a day with an exfoliating cleanser to smooth the bumpy texture and loosen the build-up.